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The steadily increasing sales figures in the mail order business are always presenting packaging solutions with new samples and challenges. Many mail order companies use packaging chips made of styrofoam and plant starch for filling and cushioning. Chips can be used to protect products regardless of their shape, they are light, quick to use and inexpensive to purchase. As soon as the goods to be sent are fragile or heavy products, packaging chips reach their limits. The ExpandOS is an ideal alternative to packaging chips.

When choosing the filling and cushioning material, the focus is on reducing costs and transport safety, but the focus is also on other requirements:

  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Consumption as small as possible
  • Easy to use and time-saving
  • Storage cost savings
  • All-round protection for packaged goods
  • Environmentally friendly
expandos prismen e1446210636768 - ExpandOS - the better alternative to packaging chips

Advantages over packaging chips

  • Enormous storage space savings
  • Production of the material on site
  • Fixed fixation of the packaged goods
  • Simple application
  • Single material packaging, environmentally friendly

A solution for almost all packaging goods: ExpandOS

ExpandOS is an innovative solution for protecting products. These are small prisms made of cardboard and have a high level of protection against impacts. There are already a multitude of solutions for filling and cushioning packages in the packaging market, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Packaging chips
  • Bubble bags
  • Crumpled paper

Packaging chips are light and therefore only marginally increase the overall weight. The protective and impact properties are largely satisfactory. However, as soon as fragile or heavy goods are dispatched, the chips reach their limits. The so-called quicksand effect causes the products to slide around in the outer box and in the worst case to the bottom of the box. Transport damage to the packaged goods is very likely. Another disadvantage of the material is its volume. It requires full capacity both in the warehouse and at the packing station. ExpandOS takes a completely different approach. Through the innovative use of prism-shaped cardboard boxes, which guarantee both high stability and easy processing in the packaging process.

No quicksand effect in the box

The concept of the ExpandOS impresses with its simplicity and ingenuity in equal measure. The idea of ​​using folded bodies for padding and fixation is not new. Crumpled paper has proven to be an excellent material for upholstering objects in the past. In order to use the storage space as little as possible, the ExpandOS are delivered as flat, endless sheets. While packaging chips are delivered in full volume, the ExpandOS only requires a single storage space. In order to get the prisms in shape, the endless arches are left through the so-called expander. This forms the small prisms automatically and does not produce any waste. The shaped prisms can be poured directly into a cardboard box via the expander. The bulk goods are distributed around the packaged goods, regardless of their basic shape. The packaged goods are fixed in position by the toothing. This prevents the shipping goods from slipping. A quicksand effect, such as with the packaging chips, can therefore not occur.

Cost savings, reusability through to environmentally friendly disposal

Thanks to the compact delivery of the ExpandOS, storage costs can be reduced. The ExpandOS process is simple and ingenious at the same time. Part of the outer box is filled with the prisms, the packaged goods are positioned and the remaining box is filled with further prisms. The box is simply filled using the chute on the expander. This enables the staff to pack efficiently and in a time-saving manner.

For packaging companies there is no need to keep several filling and cushioning materials in stock. ExpandOS can be used for several product types and can be reused without any problems. Sorting is not necessary for disposal, such as when using packaging chips or bubble bags. The packaging material used can be easily disposed of together with the outer box as single-material packaging.

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