Individual packaging made of PE foam is particularly suitable in two areas: As a cushion for protective packaging and as reusable inserts. PE foam moldings return to their original shape after a fall. Virtually all types of product can be protected with PE foam: small and sensitive products can be packed just as securely as large and heavy components.

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Precisely fitting contours


Recesses for switches and controls


Cushions shocks and vibrations with ease

PE foam is a soft, yet robust material that optimally protects the products during transport. The parts are developed according to the customer’s specifications. The foam is available in different densities, which enable heavy products to be packed safely.

PE foam protective packaging

Here, depending on the product, appropriate foam parts are designed to protect the product from bumps and knocks during shipping. In most cases, a non-crosslinked PE foam is used. This open-cell PE foam is expanded by CO2 without any further chemical additives and can therefore be easily recycled like other polyethylene materials.

Protective packaging is specially calculated in terms of construction. It is important to know the maximum acceleration (G value) of the product in order to be able to design the damping by the foam accordingly. The following values serve as a guide:

Empfindlichkeit von verschiedenen Produkten
Präzisionsapparatur äußerst empfindlich 15 - 25
elektronische Apparatur, Messgerätesehr empfindlich 25 - 40
Elektrogeräte empfindlich 40 - 60
feinmechanische Apparatur mäßig empfindlich 80 - 115
Maschinenteile, gegossene Metallgegenstände unempfindlich > 115

A lot of protective packaging can be designed with folding hinges to save space, so that less space is taken up for storage and transport.

Various types of production can be used for manufacturing: Water jet cutting, plotting or punching. Welding individual components also enables complex shapes. Welding individual components also enables complex shapes.

PE foams for protective packaging are available in different qualities. The decisive factor here is the volume weight, which ranges from 16 kg/m³ to 180 kg/m³. The standard color is white, antistatic foams are colored pink, foams with a high proportion of recycled materials are gray.

PE reusable packaging

Molded parts made from cross-linked PE foam are ideal for reusable shipping of components with sensitive surfaces or complex geometries. On the one hand, the material offers good surface protection and prevents scratches and damage. On the other hand, the variable production type with band knife, water jet cutter, milling machine and punch is suitable for smaller runs in order to avoid high tool costs.

The closed-cell PE foam is characterized by a dense and soft surface. Scratch-sensitive surfaces are therefore ideally protected. Typical forms of use are toothed strips, inserts and case inserts. The material is robust and can be used alternately as reusable packaging over a long period of time.

The typical version of the foam is anthracite, other colors are possible. Electrically conductive and flame-retardant foams are available as special designs. The volume weights range from 20 kg/m³ to 100 kg/m³.

PUR foam packaging

Polyurethane foam is used to manufacture our convolutedfoam packaging. The basic material can be easily produced here. PUR foam is softer than PE foam and is therefore suitable for constructive solutions for light or very sensitive parts. T he types of processing are the same – water jet cutting, plotting, milling, punching and band knife cutting.

Standard products are the classic convoluted foam packaging – a combination of foam and corrugated cardboard. The knob shape locks the parts against slipping and the upholstery properties are very good.

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