With packaging, consisting of knobbed foam, particularly sensitive electronic components, small appliances and fragile goods can reliably be cushioned. The product is firmly fixed in the box by the knobs and is therefore protected from vibrations and shocks.

Knobbed foam packages are cardboard boxes, including an elastic, soft interior padding made of PU knobbed foam. This upholstery is firmly sticked on the insert of the cardboard box. Due to the knobs, the product is firmly fixed. This packaging solution is particularly suitable for sensitive electronic devices such as cell phones or navigation devices or for small fragile goods.

karton mit schaumeinlage e1516022889355 - Knobbed foam

Strong upholstery effect


Applicable to a wide variety of different types of products


Nap foam as padding including outer box

Perfect Protection

The foamed Polyrethane contains a high percentage of air. That is why the foam is soft, whereby it adapt to the product and absorbs shocks and vibrations of the product. In order to the product can be fixed better, the foam must be pliable under pressure. When the pressure releases, however it will restore in its original form. Thus the protective effect is guaranteed in a long term.

This packaging solution has the advantage, that it works very fast, only with little afford. The cardboard box only needs to be unfolded and the inlay must be inserted. Then the product can be placed in it and the plugged closure of the cardboard box can be locked.

The foam offers a very strong cushioning effect, which can be applied to many types of products. With the knobbed foam packaging, the products can be prepared for shipping very quickly and easily. The packaging volume first arises at the working station, as the cardboard box is delivered flatly.

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