shredder for cardboard

It is easy to convert used card boxes into worthy padding and filling material without any costs.

Cushion Pack is a cost-effective way of converting used cardboard boxes into high-quality cushioning material in an environmentally friendly manner. With the packaging cushioning machine, you can produce flat cushioning mats as well as padded filling material. Protect the environment and reduce the costs for purchasing new filling material at the same time.

Cushion Pack Polstermatten - shredder for cardboard boxes

Upholstery mats and filling material from an old cardboard box


No more disposal costs. Inserting used cardboard boxes and shredding.

Make upholstery material from old cardboard boxes

Cushion Pack offers the cost-effective way of converting used cardboard boxes into high-quality cushioning material. Cardboard boxes can either be processed into flat cushioning mats, which can be used to wrap a product, or into padded material, which is used as filling and cushioning material for outer cardboard boxes.

The cardboard box is partially cutted with the cutting tool in the Cushionpack machine. Due to the pattern, which is now created, the upholstry mat, can now be bended very easily. Depending on requirements and machine settings, this mat can then be processed into padded cushioning material. For this purpose the mat is accummulated, which means that as well the air and the volume get together into the mat. The air absorbs shocks and vibrations, which creates the protective effect.

Production of upholstery mats only with the push of a button with the cardboard shredder

First off all, the CushionPack machine cuts the carton to the right size. Then the material arrives at a cutting unit, where it is partially cut up. After this step, the box is lies in the form of a flat cushion mat. With a simple setting on the machine, this upholstered mat can then be processed into padded material: All you have to do is turn a movable valve, which accumulates the upholstery mat and loses its firm structure. This filling material can now simply be added to the product into the outer box.

Save twice with the Cushion Pack

There are no disposal costs for used cardboard boxes and you save money for the procurement of new upholstery material. An optional dust extraction minimizes the generation of dust. By using the cardboard shredder, you save raw materials, which becomes increasingly scarce. In addition, the Cushion Pack is made of 100% paper and can be easily recycled together with the outer box as a single material packaging.

  • For the environment: strong span old cardboard boxes no longer need to be recycled. The packaging machine processes used cardboard boxes into filling and cushioning materials
  • easy handling: the production of the material is very easy. Adjust the machine, insert the cardboard box and remove the material
  • suitable for upholstery and filling: Cushin Pack is an ideal way to produce filling and cushioning materials from old cardboard boxes
  • no disposal costs: the material can be easily recycled with the outer box
  • Reduced dust generation: to reduce dust during processing, the Cushion Pack can optionally be fitted with a dust extraction system

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