Foam profiles protect sensitive packaged goods, corners and edges from damages of the transportation. Thanks to their individual form and properties, a large number of different product groups can be transported safely. The protection against breakages, scratches and impact damages are in focus, using foam profiles. The product is very easily proteted, using the light and innovative profiles.

schaumprofil fuer kanten und eckenschutz - Foam profiles

self-adhesive due to tension on the lips


saves packaging time by simply plugging it in


availible in different forms

numerous standards availible in different sizes and different forms. The profiles are made from foamed PE-LD. This material is completely recyclable and therefore very friendly environmentally.

The damping properties are retained for a long time, so the packaging can withstand multiple shock loads. The foam profiles come either on a roll, as rod material, as prefabricated protective corners or pads. Many types are perforated or self-adhesive as options. The surface is dirt-repellent and washable.

Typical areas of application for LDPE foam profiles

Foam profiles are ideal for edge and corner protection. These can be used for both transport and storage. The foam profile is particularly gentle on sensitive surfaces and leaves no scratches. Typical applications for the use of LDPE foam profiles are, for example, furniture parts, tables, mirrors, glass plates, metal parts and windows.

Areas of application:

  • edge protection
  • Padding
  • surface protection

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