With using ExpandOS filling material, both lightly and heavy articles can be packed safely. In comparison to packagingchips, the ExpandOS prisms have an essential advantage: It arises an no quicksand-effect. Through the interlocking of the prisms, the protected product, is fixed and a slipping is prohibited.

expandos polstermaterial prismen e1472481795648 - ExpandOS

No quicksand effect: the triangles interlock independently


Requires only a minimum of storage space in the warehouse


Environmentally friendly alternative to many other packaging materials

ExpandOS – more than only packing pads.

ExpandOS are small prisms made from continuous cardboard sheets, which, due to their composition, are interlocked into each other and form a strong packaging pad. Using ExpandOS, almost all typs of products can be prohibited: from small and sensitive electronic elements to heavy metal components.

Due to the jagged outer edges of the prisms, they interlock into each other and fixed the product. The interior air space of the prisms also provides an outstanding protective effect, which protects the product from bumps and vibrations.

For filling the cavity, no more materials ars needed. The outer packaging is completly filled with prisms. In this way, the whole product is now fixed and prohibited.

Less storage space for more volume.

ExpandOS is delivered in the form of pre-cutted flats, which consist of endless cardboard sheets. The so-called expander requires less than 1m² of space. The machine is equipped with rolls and can be used perfectly as a mobile packaging station.

Expandos im Karton - ExpandOS

If you only have a small requirement, you can buy the already finished ExpandOS extended from us. It is also ideal for shipping testing.

The expander forms the prisms from the continuous cardboard sheets. They are pourable and can be filled directly into the cardboard box. They arranges themselves around the product. This packaging process is therefore very quickly.

ExpandOS packaging – advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Reduction of the packaging variety:
  • Excellent protection and impact properties
  • Quick to use
  • Production of the upholstery material at the place of work
  • Storage space savings through nestability
  • Returnable packaging
  • Single material solution, reusable
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Reduction of the packaging variety: a universal use is possible due to the composition of the product. ExpandOS is a cushioning as well as a filling material with excellent protection and impact properties.
  • Reduction of costs: There are no high costs for individually adapted packaging. As single-material packaging, the upholstery material can be easily disposed of with the outer box at low costs.
  • A packaging solution, which is conscious for the environment: As a paper solution, which is conscious for the environment, ExpandOS scores as a reusable and returnable packaging solution.
  • Only small storage space is needed: storage costs are reduced to a minimum. The endless cardboard fleets are delivered on a flat palette. The packing volume is only emerged at the packing station. The continuous cardboard sheets are delivered flat on a pallet. The packing volume is only created at the packing station.
  • Mobile packing station:the expander requires less than one m² of space and can, due to the fitted rolls, be moved between the packaging places.
  • Large packing volume: the pre-cutted, flat, endless cardboard sheets are automatically processed by the expander. During this process, the so-called prisms are created with a 40 times higher volume.
  • Fast handling: ExpandOS is fast and very easy to use. The prisms can be directly removed from the machine. The system ensures that there is always enough cushioning material available in the chute.
  • Easy packing process: the packing process only takes a few seconds. The prisms can be placed directly in the outer box above the chute. he system ensures that there is always enough cushioning material available in the chute. Insert the product and lock the remaining cavity with ExpandOS.
  • Reduce the rate of breakage: in direct comparison with other filling and cushioning materials, ExpandOS reduces the rate of breakage.

Therefor ExpandOS combines the advantages of many packaging systems: It is flexible like bulking material, protective like cushioning material and delivers stability like a molded component.

Applications of ExpandOS

ExpandOS can universally be used for a variety of products As well heavy as light products can be dependable protected with it. Here are a few examples:

Ceramic / glass

  • Washbasins
  • Shower trays
  • Dishes
  • Glasses

Electrical and metal industry

  • gear motors
  • Prüfgeräte
  • testing equipment tools
  • measuring instruments

I want it

Nice, that you´re interested in our ExpandOS material. Further information about the product and its possible applications can be obtained directly from one of our packaging specialists on 07433 90441-0.


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