Packing tables are work surfaces that have been specially developed for this work area. By using special packing tables, packaging processes can be optimized and thus run faster and easier. On request, we can integrate packaging solutions into your existing shipping processes or even develop completely new shipping departments for you. Is your shipping department growing? Combra integrations grow with you! The system solutions have a modular structure and enable flexible changes and extensions.

Packtisch - Packing table systems

Modular structure, can be integrated into existing environments


Can be expanded at any time


For example with wrapping paper dispensers or with paper machines directly at the packing table

Modular and expandable

Many small and large ideas make packing faster, easier and more pleasant. These include, for example, height-adjustable packing tables, ergonomic seating options, special workplace lighting and much more.

  • Specially adapted to your needs
  • Integration into the existing environment
  • Modular structure, expandable at any time
  • With extras such as height-adjustable tables
  • Ergonomic structure according to the latest standards
packtisch 06 - Packing table systems

Packing table systems are individually adapted to the existing work environment. The given space is used optimally. he system is designed to allow the packing process to run dynamically and quickly. When designing the packing area, however, the packer is also in the foreground. Our solutions make it possible to simplify the process and make the packer’s work gentle at the same time.

After a detailed analysis of the requirements, a layout is created and discussed with the user. If an agreement is reached, the packing table is set up according to the customer’s specifications and the employees are instructed in the new workflow.

Thanks to the improved ergonomics in the workplace, the packers can work more easily and with less effort and thus prevent occupational diseases. The various steps in the packing process are ideally coordinated with one another: unnecessary journeys to the next packing station are eliminated, which also saves a considerable amount of time.

More information

You can get more information about our packing tables and room design from one of our packaging specialists, who will assess your work environment and advise you individually.

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