After almost 10 years as a sales representative for packaging systems, Arnulf Heine and Heike Fischer-Heine founded Combra Verpackungssysteme KG on April 1st, 2000.

As with other successful companies, the beginning of the warehouse took place in the in-house garage.

From then on, cars had to give way to pallets and machines and found themselves in the open. Sometimes the approach of 40-ton trucks, which often appeared at night, did not have a beneficial effect on good neighborly relations.

Fortunately, this relaxed again when the new warehouse in Bisingen could be moved into in 2003. The office remained in the private house for the time being. Although the storage space that was now available was of course completely different from the previous garage, it didn’t take long before it was also exhausted.

So there was another move in September 2006, this time to Balingen.

In January 2007, Combra was finally able to completely free itself from its private address and also moved its office to Balingen, where it is still located today.

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