Something about the Combra colleagues

  • 2018


    Working student Fernando

    Fernando has been slowly introduced to the team since mid-2018.

  • 2017

    Trial work Rocky

    On Colleague Dog Day 2017, Rocky successfully completed his trial day. Since then, Rocky has been visiting his colleagues whenever support is needed.



  • 2013


    Colleague dog 2013

    Leonie and Sina were happy to have visitors at the Kollege Hund Tag 2013.

  • 2012

    First colleague dog day

    Together, Leonie and Sina celebrated the first Kollege Hund day in 2012.



  • 2010


    New employee

    In April 2010, Leonie got her first new employee, Sina. They form the perfect team until today.

  • 2009

    An animal office

    In June 2009, Leonie opened the colleague-dog business. Soon she was able to enjoy her first colleague.



Scientific studies show, dogs in the workplace provide a balanced working environment. On the last Thursday in June, the German Animal Welfare Association calls for a day of action called Colleague dog. More than 1,000 companies in Germany took part in the last day of action.

Since 2009, our Combra team is no longer conceivable without the active support of the two four-legged friends Leonie and Sina.

The two dogs were homeless in Alba Adriatica and Sardinia and were mediated to Germany via the animal protection “Niemandshunde e.v.” and Canalba.

Nobody dogs became somebody dogs, which quickly and very well settled in. With their presence, they contribute significantly to the good working atmosphere of the company: If things get hectic, the two selflessly offer themselves to support stress reduction by stroking. Auch bei unseren Kunden und Lieferanten, die größtenteils unsere “Mädels” schon kennen, sind die beiden sehr beliebt und schaffen es durch ihre freundliche, unkomplizierte Art immer wieder, ein Lächeln auf die Gesichter zu zaubern.

They can ideally recover from this strenuous work during the lunch break: When the weather is good, a trip to the nearby “Eyach” stream is a must, where they then play, splash and swim extensively. After that, it can go back to work with renewed energy.

“Dogs in the workplace” is a concept we are convinced of, which is why we also participated in the “Kollege Hund” action day in 2012.

Combra was again at “Kollege Hund” in 2013
On 27 June 2013 was again the action day “Colleague dog”, in which we were happy to participate again. We had a visit from the young dog “Peggy”, who accompanied her mistress to work and thus had her first opportunity to get a taste of “working air”. After some initial shyness, she got along very well with the two “Combra girls” Leonie and Sina and we are happy to welcome her again next year for the action day “Colleague dog”.

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